Easy Financing

Payment Options for your Budget

Orthodontic care at FreySmiles Orthodontics is both high-quality AND affordable. We offer no-interest, extended financing to spread your payments over the total length of treatment. We will work with you to develop a payment plan that fits your needs.

If it is determined during your initial consultation that treatment is needed, we will review your payment plan options at this first visit. This total cost includes all fees for diagnostic records, treatment visits and appliances, one set of retainers and a year of retention visits following active treatment.

Easy Payments

As a service to you, we offer payments through online, automatic withdrawals. We can even work with you to coincide our billing cycles with your pay periods, just to eliminate any stress.

No Hidden Costs

We’re committed to providing the best value and service to our patients and that is why we offer flexible, zero-interest financing with low down payments and are very insurance friendly to help with the cost of braces and the cost of Invisalign. We do not up-charge for ceramic braces or any “special braces,” and fees are all-inclusive.

Our Difference

It is difficult to put a price on a gorgeous smile. Any orthodontist should be able to use Braces, Invisalign, etc. to move teeth, but there is often a huge difference between the results different orthodontists are able to achieve. This is especially true given recent technological advances in orthodontics. What an orthodontist can do now often goes far beyond straightening teeth to dramatically enhancing your facial features.

At FreySmiles Orthodontics, we’re well known for going the extra mile to craft beautiful smiles and for delivering the same high quality of care to our patients that we’d deliver to our own families. Our reliance on the most advanced treatment options means that we don’t use headgear and always avoid the unnecessary extractions of teeth, saving you money. Regardless of your age or how complex your case is, once your treatment is complete, you’ll have a more natural appearing smile.

Choosing an Orthodontist

It can be very tempting to choose a orthodontist based solely on the fee charged, but that may be unwise. The important thing is to find an orthodontist who you think can deliver the best treatment for you or your child and then, if you need it, get the most affordable financing you can. Think of it this way: if you choose orthodontist A who charges $1000 less than orthodontist B, but feel that Doctor B has more experience and/or uses more cutting edge orthodontic technology, you are risking your smile for a lifetime to save only $1.50 per day over the course of 24 months. Is the risk really worth the savings?

Curious about the cost of Invisalign or cost of Braces?

Schedule an initial consultation where we can learn about your orthodontic needs. We will then come up with monthly payments that fit into your budget comfortably.