Meet Our Team

At FreySmiles Orthodontics, you’re treated like family. Every member of our team is dedicated to giving you a beautiful smile, while greeting you with a warm and friendly face.

Our team is made up of former FreySmiles patients, something we think is important, because we have all experienced treatment and can help guide you through it. We take our qualifications seriously. Our members are X-ray certified, trained in CPR and first aid and most of them have received the designation of Specialized Orthodontic Assistant (SOA). This is a voluntary certification program started by the American Association of Orthodontists to recognize those in the profession for their knowledge and experience.

Below you will find a picture of each team member and what they do here at FreySmiles Orthodontics.


Headshot for Alyssa, the Lab Manager at FreySmiles Orthodontics

Treatment Coordinator


Headshot for Lexi, a specialized orthodontic assistant at FreySmiles Orthodontics in the Lehigh Valley

Treatment Coordinator


Headshot for Dana, the marketing coordinator at FreySmiles Orthodontics

Marketing Coordinator


Lizzie headshot

Patient Services


Kayli headshot

Financial Coordinator


Headshot for Alex, a financial coordinator at FreySmiles Orthodontics

Insurance Coordinator


Nicolle Headshot

Specialized Orthodontic Assistant


Grace headshot

Specialized Orthodontic Assistant


Elizabeth headshot

Patient Services