Patient Profile: Elizabeth Hulse

Elizabeth Hulse smilingElizabeth Hulse had a severe overbite as well as crooked front teeth. If she did not undergo orthodontic treatment to correct her overbite, she would have needed corrective jaw surgery. She decided to come to FreySmiles orthodontics for orthodontic treatment.

“I came to FreySmiles because all of my friends and family were in treatment here and had amazing smiles!”

Correcting Elizabeth’s Overbite

To begin treatment, Dr. Frey installed a growth appliance. Growth appliances encourage the formation of new bone while also remodeling and sculpting existing bone.

Elizabeth Hulse on AJO cover

Elizabeth was initially very nervous about the growth appliance, so nervous that she actually shed a few tears during her consultation appointment.

Her treatment coordinator and Dr. Frey explained to her that this was the best course of treatment for the future of her smile and would make treatment as fast and easy as possible.

“They did not lie! Even though it was new and a little scary, with the graciousness and talent of the Freysmiles team, I was out of my growth appliance in less than a year and the changes it made were painless and INCREDIBLE.”

Elizabeth wore her growth appliance for around 10 months before moving on to Invisalign treatment for a little less than two years. Elizabeth’s entire face transformed as a result of the growth appliance. Her jaw was now in the proper position. She experienced no discomfort, and it even made her face appear slimmer! Her teeth were straightened and her bite was fixed after the final touches were applied with Invisalign. The transformation was so dramatic that she was featured on the cover of the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics!

Elizabeth’s New Smile

Elizabeth Hulse in a cheerleading uniform

Now 19, Elizabeth is a cheerleader on Temple University’s Cheerleading Team. She loves the confidence her new smile gives her, especially when she is cheering on the field at games and during cheer performances. “After seeing my new smile, I was shocked at the results. Dr. Frey explained at my consultation that I would thank him later for choosing the growth appliance and Invisalign, and he was right! I am so grateful to have had the greatest orthodontic treatment. The amazing experience and care was given by an even more amazing FreySmiles team. I have endless great things to say about this practice.”

To upkeep her smile, Elizabeth wears her retainer every night to bed and will occasionally do a whitening treatment to keep her smile bright.

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