The Dangers of Mail Order Orthodontics 

Online shopping has brought convenience to many aspects of life. However, the use of teledentistry for mail-order teeth aligners and braces can have negative effects on your smile in the future. 

It is important that our FreySmiles patients, as well as their loved ones, understand the potential risks associated with purchasing orthodontic products through the mail. 

Mail-Order Braces Horror Stories 

Most of the time, these mail-order orthodontic brands send an at-home impression kit where you make your own impression of your teeth to send back to them. According to The American Association of Orthodontists, of those who make an appointment with a dental professional after using at-home aligner treatments, 77% did not see a professional prior to treatment for an in-person consultation or examination. 

Our patients have shared horror stories with us about their experiences with these companies. We’ve heard accounts of people losing not only their valuable time and hard-earned money, but their teeth and ability to bite properly. Products from companies like Smile Direct Club, Byte, and Candid were among the culprits.

We had a new patient come to us after being treated by Byte. While the products cosmetically worked on his front teeth, they caused more harm than good for the health and use of his mouth. 

“After Byte, none of my back teeth touched making it very difficult to eat. Byte may have straightened my front teeth, but the back was unusable.” – FreySmiles patient on the effects of mail-order orthodontics. 

Orthodontics Goes Beyond a Beautiful Smile 

Orthodontics goes beyond cosmetics, which is how many companies portray mail-order aligners. While it is true that braces and aligners create beautiful, aesthetically pleasing smiles, they also treat a variety of issues. Proper orthodontic treatment can ease TMJ pain, can mitigate gun disease, and can help those with bite issues chew and breathe properly. Mail-order orthodontic companies are not conducting thorough examinations to treat the root cause of your issues, they are simply treating the surface. 

The orthodontists at FreySmiles will thoroughly examine your teeth, your bite, and your jaw structure to prescribe the most effective treatment plan to not only give you the smile of your dreams but to improve the health of your mouth.

Treatment At FreySmiles Orthodontics 

It is so important to trust a trained orthodontist with your smile and your oral health. Get an expert opinion and avoid risking your smile and your health! We’re proud of our expert orthodontists who are committed to your smile every step of the way. 

Contact us today for a smile evaluation to get started on your smile journey and to learn more about the options available to straighten your teeth.