Will Wisdom Teeth Affect My Orthodontic Care?

Have you been told that your wisdom teeth are responsible for your crooked smile or teeth crowding? It is a common belief that the eruption of wisdom teeth can affect the appearance of your smile, leading to worries for those who have just finished their orthodontic treatment. At FreySmiles, we want to clear up this misconception and provide you with the facts to keep your smile looking great. 

Dispelling the Wisdom Teeth Myth 

Wisdom teeth, those elusive latecomers to the dental scene, tend to appear between the ages of 17 and 25. Among the myths that often circulate, one suggests that these teeth are responsible for the shifting and crowding of the lower front teeth during the late teenage years into the early twenties. However, scientific research has decisively debunked this myth. The truth is that wisdom teeth do not exert enough force on neighboring teeth to induce dental crowding. 

Beyond Wisdom Teeth: The Changing Landscape of Dental Alignment 

Facial and jaw structure changes over time can still lead to shifting and crowding, regardless of the presence of wisdom teeth. At FreySmiles, we prioritize the longevity of your smile beyond just orthodontic treatment because one of the top causes of shifting of teeth after completion of orthodontic care is not wearing your custom retainers. We provide all our patients with high-quality retainers customized to ensure the preservation of your beautiful smile. 

A Comprehensive Approach to Long-Term Dental Health 

As you work towards achieving your perfect smile, it’s important to focus on maintaining your dental health after orthodontic treatment. This is a critical stage where we take additional measures to ensure your teeth stay healthy. 

After your time with us, we conduct a final x-ray to assess the state of your wisdom teeth. If these molars are not fully erupted and pose challenges for proper cleaning, we collaborate with your family dentist to explore potential removal options. Wisdom teeth are often recommended for removal due to issues like impaction or partial eruption. 

Dental professionals strongly advise patients to get their wisdom teeth removed in order to avoid possible infection, intense pain, and nerve damage. It is essential to seek treatment as soon as possible because delaying treatment can lead to severe pain and financial burden.

So here’s the takeaway: don’t postpone your orthodontic journey due to apprehensions about future crowding from wisdom teeth. Our team of experts at FreySmiles urges you to consider an orthodontic consultation to uncover the personalized path to your perfect smile. And for those already enjoying their radiant FreySmile, remember that you should be wearing your retainer every night! Your retainers are your best friends, guarding your smile’s brilliance night after night. 

Don’t let your wisdom teeth hold you back from getting the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Contact FreySmiles Orthodontics at any of our four conveniently located practices for a consultation.